Read this thoroughly before even thinking about applying.

Who the hell are we, anyway?

Ye Olde Goone Squade prides itself for being a largely social guild that excels at raiding. Our motto, “Conquering end-game content without really trying” is a monument to our success as a raiding guild; making incredible progress through content with a laid back attitude. We have been around since 2005 and were one of the original guilds of The Venture Co. until our move to Defias Brotherhood in 2011. Our humour is rude and abrasive so those that are not thick skinned or very easily offended need not become applicants. Sensitive about WW2? Don’t apply. Sensitive about your background/race/social class/gender? Don’t apply. We hold nothing sacred. Welcome to Ye Olde Goone Squade. Once you get past the “ironic” exterior though and you become a Goone; we’re a very tight-knit community and a guild for life.

More information is avaliable on the About page.

Recruitment Criteria

Applicants should possess all of the following characteristics.

  • Being able to attend 70% of raids minimum (100% preferred) at 8:00 PM CET start time, finishing around 12:00 AM, about 3 days a week.
  • Enjoyment of your position in the raid. Be it damage dealing, tanking or healing, being skilled at your specific class and ability to adapt to many different raiding situations. This extends to knowing basic theorycraft about your class and all it’s abilities, and also knowing gems and enchants will benefit you more.
  • Must be able to have a thick skin. We’re Goones. You will be told you are wrong, deal with it. Don’t cry or hold grudges, it’s probably not personal. If you’re wrong, improve. If you can’t improve, don’t expect to raid with us.
  • Ability to farm, purchase or conjure up consumables for raiding. This includes flasks, foods, elixirs, potions and anything else that is required for you to get every little bit of performance out of your class. You’ll be expected to use these consumables on all progression raids.
  • Decent raiding experience. We expect you to have some raiding experience, so be sure to document this in your application in detail. Furthermore, we don’t explain the details of fights to recruits: you’re expected to read the strategies for every boss you’ll be attempting – this includes progression attempts.
  • A high gear standard. Although we don’t require insane gear, we expect the very best that you can get your hands on at your experience level. We expect full enchants specific to your class, and at least rare quality gems in every slot.
  • Potential to learn. Learn your class and learn raid encounters. We expect an effort to be made to study raiding strategies at the very least the night before the attempts. You shouldn’t need to be spoon-fed.
  • You need to be able to pay attention for a significant amount of time. Raids last a while but require 100% concentration throughout. Don’t make us repeat ourselves: turn off that TV and listen.
  • The ability to be able to contribute to the community of the guild is an incredibly good quality to have and is easily one of the things officers use to distinguish between trials that are staying and trials that are kicked. We don’t have a LOG IN, RAID, LOG OUT attitude so you shouldn’t either.
  • You must have the commitment to stick to the class and role you are recruited as. If you’re recruited as a healer, it is absolutely impossible for you to respec into DPS down the line. You’re expected to stay as what you are recruited as for as long as you’re in the guild. If you think you don’t have the commitment to do so, don’t apply.

Don’t apply if..

  • You have no self confidence. An attitude of “well, I can’t do that, I will fail” is not well respected and will make progression raids much harder for yourself and every other person in the raid. Don’t try and avoid responsibility.
  • If you’re annoying. If you piss everybody off, you won’t stay long. Don’t flood guild chat with retarded links to every single new purple you see inspecting a person and equally don’t flood it with random shit nobody cares about. The same applies to the forums, don’t post random shit. You need to be patient, mature and calm. If you don’t get your way, don’t throw a fit.
  • You’re a loot whore. We have no room in the guild for people who’s primary objective is to receive every single item ahead of everybody else. Loot is a reward from raiding, but shouldn’t be the main reason why you raid. If you cry endlessly about not receiving an item that is a marginal upgrade to you, we don’t want you.
  • You’re a drama queen. We don’t need another. We have enough natural drama as it is without a member creating more. Don’t apply if you have a tendency to stir things up.
  • You have no idea how to play your class. 0/0/41 is the superior mage spec! Wait, what is that red stuff on the ground? If you have no idea whatsoever of how to play your class effectively in a raiding environment, don’t apply.
  • You lose attention easily. Going AFK for half an hour at a time without telling anybody while we’re clearing short-respawn trash is a big no-no. If your primary reason for joining is to raid with us on progression raids, you must know how to sustain your attention for long periods of time. It’s understandable that you will get aggravated with no progress, but it only makes things worse when people do not pay attention.
  • You cannot tolerate abuse. We’re YOGS. We get abuse from outside the guild. We get abuse from inside the guild. Infact, we get abuse from other servers in our battlegroup. If you’re not thick skinned and if you cannot take critique or abuse well, or can’t handle it calmly, you will not succeed in YOGS.
  • You will shit up our guild chat. We don’t give a fuck about this purple that you just found in your Itemlink or similar addon. We don’t care what just dropped off Redrum’s second kill of Putricide. As an extension, using any of the following phrases in guild chat is prohibited: pwnd, pwnt, ftw, gl, nn, ppl, wat, chuck norris, KZ, ‘Mearis is a good player’ or any other commonly used, “hip” acronyms. However, if these are used ironically it’s perfectly fine, obviously.
  • You have applied for other guilds. If you’re writing applications to every guild on the server – including us – it shows you’re desperate. We don’t want desperate people. If you’re applying to us as a backup in case your primary application is turned down, we don’t want you. We can, and indeed do always do some internet detective work.
  • You have a sinister history to hide. As said before, we have the resources and means to do a thorough background check on you. If you’ve just scammed your previous guild’s bank and expect to join us because nobody is going to find out – you’re wrong. We’ll find out. If you’ve fucked over your previous guild on your previous server and transfer here like nothing has happened and assume nobody will ever know – we know. We check references, previous guilds and even character history.

I am wacky and zany. How do I apply?

All applications are by default made publicly through a thread on our recruitment forums. Private applications are available on request by contacting the relevant officer. Your application will be commented on by members of the guild, both raiding and non-raiding. If it’s a trial by fire, this is definitely the first step. Don’t take anything personally. Applications we are seriously considering will be discussed privately: if it looks like it’s been a while without anybody commenting, don’t worry. It’s a good sign. We’re talking about it on the backend. You will be notified in due course but be sure to keep us updated if anything changes or you’ve acted on any advice you’ve been given in your application thread. If accepted, you will be invited to the guild on trial, mainly to see if you fit in. We’ve already established you’re a good player.

Raid experience is not particularly important to us but its obviously a major bonus. It’s important that you’ve excelled in the content you’re currently progressing through in your current guild as this shows you’ll be able to progress fine through higher level content. New encounters are easy to teach, what’s difficult is the mindset of a good player. It’s unlikely we will recruit anybody that isn’t experienced with at least early raiding content. It is important to us is that you have made a noticeable effort to improve your gear. A willingness to farm consumables and flasks is also very important to us and our raiding progression.

When posting your application clearly mark the title with your name and class. Be sure to include your available raiding times and any in-game history you might deem important. Also, tell us a little bit about yourself. Please make sure to follow the Application Template. Whilst we understand that English may not be your native language please take some time on your post to make sure it is clear and legible. Well written, coherent and impressive applications are more likely to be accepted than slapdash ones. Writing an application that impresses us is half the challenge. (The other half is not dying to fire)

If you know someone who is already in YOGS and has a positive vouch for you as a good candidate feel free to mention them, this will also improve your chances of being accepted. Don’t lick ass here, if you’re friendly with somebody just mention them.

Think you have what it takes to become a Goone?