Heart of Fear Heroic: Blade Lord Ta’yak

November 29th, 2012  |  Published in Kills

Last night we managed to get a realm 3rd kill for Blade Lord Ta’yak on heroic difficulty. Overall, a very enjoyable and challenging fight made stupidly easy with the aid of a Disc Priest (hi), but only when ‘Unseen Strike’ doesn’t decide to randomly bug out and not split damage between everyone.

Additionally, Thalden our main tank will soon need to cut down on his raiding hours to spend more time drawing dicks for his graphic design course at Uni. As such, there’ll be a spot open in our raiding group for pretty much any class and role (we’d prefer not to have melee DPS, but we could work around this).

So, if you’re better than Thalden (this isn’t hard to achieve) and interested in joining us for progression raiding while it’s current and challenging – then be sure to post an application sooner rather than later!